Hopper’s Price Freeze™ option grants to the purchaser the right to book a specific hotel stay with Hopper for a specified period of time (the “Exercise Window”), at a guaranteed price.  By purchasing a Hopper Price Freeze option, you agree to these Terms of Service.

  1. Price Freeze Purchase Price. The purchase price of a Hopper Price Freeze option includes a fee related to the risk of price increase associated with the selected hotel stay, as well as a Hopper service fee. By selecting the purchase of a Price Freeze option within the Hopper mobile app, you authorize Hopper to charge your stored payment method for the quoted Price Freeze option purchase amount. All Price Freeze option sales are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  2. Freeze Price. The Freeze Price is the booking amount you are guaranteeing with this deposit. This amount is exclusive of taxes and fees, which will be an additional amount charged at the time of booking. If, at the time of booking, the price of the stay increases, Hopper will cover up to USD $100 for the stay in excess of the Freeze Price.
  3. Exercise Window. Your Price Freeze option Exercise Window commences 90 minutes after purchase and expires after an agreed period from the time of purchase of the Price Freeze. Following a confirmation of option purchase, Hopper assumes no responsibility for further notifying you of the expiration time and date of your Price Freeze option Exercise Window. Hopper is not responsible for technical issues outside of Hopper’s control that prevent you from utilizing the Hopper mobile app to exercise a Price Freeze option
  4. Specified Booking. A Hopper Price Freeze option is valid only for the specified hotel and dates selected by you and based on the information provided by you at the time of purchasing the Price Freeze option. No changes to the booking details will be permitted. Hopper is not responsible for errors made by you during the Price Freeze option purchase process.